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Magical Business Academy


Welcome Lovebug!

I’m excited you found your way to Magical Business Academy and are interested in learning more.

The Magical Business Academy is a re-envsioning of a traditional MBA.  The academy provides practical business training, spiritual and social business training, deep support for your personal sovereignty, a loving connected community, and laser coaching for aspiring, new, and established spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs.  Here they will create a rock-solid foundation for themselves and their businesses so they can have the lifestyle they desire while also creating the deep impact that is on their hearts.  And yes, they get all of this without all the damn hustle!

I created Magical Business Academy in a way that once the core curriculum is complete, one can move and test and evolve as they see fit.  Each person is on a different path that is uniquely their own, and there are places where their path my cross with others.  It is those points where the advance curriculum continues to build on their foundation and the coaching guides them on the in between.   Throughout all phases academy members learn ever deepening aspects of alchemy.  The mixing the practical, spiritual, and social in service of their message, their business in the Aquarian age.

Magical Business Academy is designed to be accessible for those in the “I’m thinking about what to do” to “I’ve been at this for awhile, but I’m not getting the traction I need” levels of business.  Magical Business Academy supports this range of entrepreneurs for two main reasons: (1) there is a heavy focus on building solid personal and business foundations and (2) the advance curriculum is tailored to you and your stage of business.   

Members could be one of the recently 50+ million unemployed that realized that “stable” soul-sucking job they were told to strive for so they could have a comfortable life, isn’t so stable and definitely isn’t their soul’s work.  While other members may have already left the employee rat race and have been bringing their gifts to the world in the hustle-filled way that had worked in the past, but now it isn’t working.  

I’ve been supporting aspiring + established socially and spiritually conscious entrepreneurs worldwide to start, grow, and scale their businesses since 2006 as a Intuitive Business Coach.  I cannot wait to share all that I’ve learned with you as you deepen your personal sovereignty, learn and implement new skills, and receive support from me and the MBA community.

Thank you again for taking that next big and brave step to check out Magical Business Academy further.  I look forward to supporting you in creating the lifestyle and impact you desire without all the damn hustle!

Magical Business Academy


Hey Lovebug!

I'm Africa Archield

It might feel impossible now, but you can have a thriving business making a huge impact without a to-do list that is 20 miles long, being on social media all day, or jumping on the next big thing in an effort to “stay current.”

I began developing a holistic approach in 2006 that I use to guide spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs just like you to work less, make more, and transform the world in a way that aligns with their truth.  Along the way, I’ve picked up more experience (my own and my clients), coaching certifications, and an EdS in Leadership and Social Change which I’ve used to aid me in refining my approach and be of greater service to my clients.

Are you ready to leave behind the world of hustle and cookie-cutter programs to build your business in a sustainable and easeful way within a connected and supportive community?

Is your heart and mind screaming “YES!”?  You are in the right place, lovebug.


Magical Business Academy

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Your Adventure Includes:

uncover the magical business academy

core curriculum


fully embrace who you are unapologetically

- MORE -


during this 20 module course, you will learn how to self-fully put YOU first (I know that may feel uncomfortable) so you can have a life that is sustainable, easier, and even more rewarding + a business that supports you and your mission without monopolizing all your time


blossom with the effervescent MAGIC of flow

- MORE -


during this six-week course, you will learn how to activate the five elements of MAGIC so you customize your business model in a way that will flow + grow without all the damn hustle involved with traditional business models


release your fears + get intimate with money

- MORE -


during this 6 module course, you will learn how to finally get over your fears, drama, and lack around money so you can feel powerful even if you've spent your whole life avoiding or failing to take ownership of your financial situation


get your business started or out of a rut now

- MORE -


during this 9 module course, you will learn how to set-up your manifestation, create and/or assess your offerings, implement 4 fast money strategies, and amp up your visibility to aid in your manifestation success

The program gives you forever access to recorded core curriculum.  You will have a year of access to all live components of the program, and during that year upon completion of the core curriculum will open access into our advanced curriculum.  You will also receive on-going support, accountability, and tools to take quantum leaps and baby steps as you see fit.  Lovebug, you are in the driver’s seat of this adventure, the curriculum and coaching are here to guide you along the way.

🤸‍♀️ You can start ANYTIME, and work through the core curriculum progressively, no matter when you enroll in the Magical Business Academy.

You will have forever access and updates to all core curriculum materials and recorded videos – even after your initial year.

Then you have found the right place to begin this part of your adventure.  You will have access to a multitude of tools and curriculum to guide you in uncovering exactly what your business is about 💡

And for those spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs already solid on their idea or in business, we will guide you through the refinement process to jump start your business or take it to the next level.  

You definitely will, lovebug!  You’ll receive support through our monthly LIVE group Q&A video call and monthly LIVE training on the latest trends as well as weekly accountability buddy check-in calls and 24/7 access to our private online community.  You are well supported on this adventure ❤

While private coaching is not included at this price point, ACCESS to private coaching is! 

If you desire more 1:1 support, you will have discounted access to private laser coaching sessions, Voxer only coaching bundles, VIP days, etc.  More details on the other side of the portal 😁

The investment for your  journey in the Magical Business Academy is $197/month or a single payment of $1997 for the year.

If you choose to continue beyond the year so that you can have continued support and have continuous access to our advance curriculum 🙋‍♀️ alumni rates will be made available to you.

There are quite a lot of opportunities for you to be immersed in what the Magical Business Academy has to offer, lovebug!

Between the standard live components (Q&A video call and latest trend training) and the core curriculum modules (these vary in length, and of course you get to choose the pace in which you move through them).  I would set aside 3 to 10 hours a week for calls, lesson consumption, and implement.

OK, take a breath.  One of the first pieces of the core curriculum will help you manage your time like you never have before, so no need to worry, you have the time to do this! 🥰

Magical Business Academy is the culmination of my experiences and those of my clients. The testimonials on this page are from real-life clients who did the work and received the results they were seeking and more. That being said, I do not guarantee or warrant results and the testimonials on this page may not be typical for all my clients. Not only does my lawyer require me to make that disclaimer, but it is the truth. The results you get from the program are up to you. 👉 Show up, do the work, participate fully, and ask all your questions.

The advance curriculum is based on the EVOLVE™ methodology.  Depending on your phase of business, you will be provided a curriculum map to aid you into evolving to your next level of business.  Some of the stepping stones include self-care, organization, logistics, ritual, technology, visibility, engagement, staying true to you, and more.  

Each stepping stone is geared to your level of business and your business model 🌈

You have access to all advance curriculum and updates as long as your membership in the Magical Business Academy is in good standing.

We are awesomely connected!

(not in an over-the-top hyperbolic way)

With over a million places you could have landed online, you were divinely led to this page at this time. That is awesome!

As I’m standing here on my balcony, I’m thinking we likely share some core beliefs . . .  

  • Each of us has a gift to bring to the world.  We’ve chosen to share that gift through entrepreneurship.
  • The practical, the spiritual, and the social need to align in our lives + businesses in a profound and magnetic way.
  • There is no one right way of doing life + business.  There are many paths, and your path is as unique to you as mine is to me.
  • We know there is no separation between who we are and what we do. We are our businesses. And we want a program and coaching that recognizes our unique and holistic way of being.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement with those statements, know for all of those reasons, the Magical Business Academy was brought into the world.  This is the program I would have wanted, and I’m thinking it is the program you have been looking for too.  I hope so because it would be my great joy to be your guide on this part of your journey.  Let’s work together to make your dream, your soul’s work a reality.


Magical Business Academy

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