Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.01.53 AMWhy? Because you’re not just an entrepreneur. You’re leading a MOVEMENT.

Your message + work is spreadable + shareable + undeniably loveable.

But no movement happens without bumps along the way. Bumps that leave you feeling battered + bruised + bummed.

We’re talking about things like: 

:: Committing fully to your business, even when other things in life present maaaaajor energetic challenges

:: Overwhelm and over-inspiration (yup, that’s totally a thing)

:: Keeping all the plates spinning at once, even though you were never trained to be a circus performer

:: Taking bold, consistent action when you have so many ideas and a never-ending to-do list scribbled out on a thousand pink post-its (we’ve been there!)

You don’t have to feel crushing defeat at every rejection.

You don’t need to face-plant into a chocolate milkshake every time something goes awry.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed + confused + out of sorts by all the things you “should” be doing.



Our Story


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.01.53 AMOur Story

We’re Jordana & Gena.

Most people refer to us as a “power couple” or a “dynamite rockstar duo.” We’ve even been given our own celebrity supercouple name – gdana (step off Brangelina, Bennifer and Kimye, Gdana is in the house! **drops glitter instead of microphone**)

Like most couples, we are magically different in the best possible way.♥


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.02.51 AMTogether, we’re an epic duo who are ready to take you under our wing and help you get the magical business + life you deserve. 

So grab your favorite cup of  tea + chocolate + throw on your cozy pants while we share alllll the enchanting details of this mastermind adventure.♥

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The Details

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.01.53 AMAll The Details

Other than the juiciness of working alongside the two of us, you’ll be getting the pair of us as a cohesive team who are always here to love + support you through the process of taking your already amazing business to the next level. Together, we’ll work on infusing your vision of how you want to feel in your life and magically mold your business into this vision while keeping the transition as calm and smooth as possible.

Here’s how we’ll help you do that:

:: Monthly (1) 45-minute cozy & strategy-filled call with Jordana

:: Monthly (1) 45-minute glitter & support-filled call with Gena

:: UNLIMITED e-mail support (say what? That’s right)

:: Monthly 60-minute Q&A calls with Magical Guest Mentors (who just also happen to be the top entrepreneurs in the game)

:: Two 3-day epic retreats at luxury villas where inspiration, love and magic are the ingredients for success in sunny & ease-filled San Diego, CA in the spring, and magical + cozy New England in the fall.


:: Access to legal protection for your business with Gena’s Damsel in Defense™ Course

:: Access to Jordana’s magical online products (step by step information + templates for business growth)

:: Cost: $25,000 in full or 13 monthly payments of $2,150

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Guest Mentors

Guest Mentors

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Why Us

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.11.44 AMWhy Us?

When you dive into the world of coaching, you often spend precious time studying what mentor or game-changer could really help you make a difference for you.

Maybe you’re feeling confident and strong in your mindset, but you’re lacking strategy for building your business–in this case, you’d hire a business coach. Maybe you’ve been strategizing for days, but you struggle with being vulnerable or being consistent in showing up in your business–in this case, you’d hire a life coach. But what happens when you struggle with both?

At different points in your journey, you experience fear and insecurity simultaneously in both your business and mind. Because success depends both on maintaining a strong mindset + consistency with strategy and content, carefully balancing the two and getting the support you need can make the difference between your business being a serious hobby or an epic movement.

Owning a business is both a journey of epic life & business creation and self-development and we recognize that — we joined forces and created MBA to help you find that delicate balance of getting enough strategy and mindset training to make you a force to be reckoned with.

We are living, breathing examples that you can have a business and a life you love (cliche completely intended).

We’re on a mission to make a difference for 12 women who are ready to step into their power in an ease-filled way and get as cozy as possible while doing it.

We understand that the delicate balance of self-care and working make for the most juice-filled, inspirational and profitable businesses.

We want to teach, love and grow with you on our enchanting playground
and support you in bursting with your own glitter-filled, unicorn-frolicking business.

We want the entity of you + your business to be a source of love and energy for you.

We want to help you create life + business magic all-in-one.

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Is MBA For You?

Is MBA Mastermind For You?

While we reside in the coziest + most loving of mental spaces, we understand that not everyone loves glitter-filled sleepovers & inspirational fireside chats. We’ve created a little check-list for you just to give you an idea of who we’re helping and if you fit the bill.


:: You’re ready to smash through any blocks, fears and all those other bothersome insecurities that might be weighing you down.

:: You’re driven by intuition and your truth; relying on the Universe to guide you is not a problem.

:: You feel open-minded to the experiences you’ll encounter on our wonder-filled playground.

:: Navigating the dark halls of your mind with the flashlight of hope excites you.

:: You’re a full time, inspiration & service-based entrepreneur.

:: Love + glitter-filled coaching sounds like exactly what you need to let your brilliance shine.

:: Planning + organization are in your realm of interest, even if you’re not completely smitten with structure.


:: The thought of breaking through your blocks makes you shudder more fear than the fear itself.

:: Spiritual-based talk turns you off.

:: Your business is just a side-thing; you’re still in the corporate world.

:: You want someone to do all the implementation, copy and work for you.

:: You struggle to feel excited about your business.

:: You’re a retail entrepreneur.

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 Sparkly Praise

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